Frequently Asked Questions

Is the image saved on the site?
No. The source and the processed images are not saved on the site.
How can I remove the watermark?
It is difficult to remove a watermark, but it is possible. To do this you need to use a graphics editor (eg, Adobe Photoshop or Gimp).You can find an instructions for removing in any search engine by using such key-words as "delete the watermark" or "remove the watermark."
Is it possible to increase the number of fields to select the images for processing?
At the moment, unfortunately, no. With a large number of images simultaneously process increases load on the server, it is causing the shutdown of the site. But we are working for increasing this number.
Can I buy you a paper with watermarks?
No. This site is intended solely for the protection of digital images. Suppliers of paper with watermarks can be found through search engines.

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