Creating a watermark using the program XnView

The program XnView is a versatile tool for viewing and editing graphic files, one of whose functions is the application of watermarks on the image. The main advantages of XnView to other graphics editors is its simplicity, free and support a huge number of graphics file formats.

To make using the program XnView put a watermark on the image, you must first open it.

To start inflict a watermark in the form of a translucent text box. To do this, select the menu item "Image" - "Add Text...".

In the dialog box you can enter your desired inscription and configure it to overlap. In this case the inscription will be centered, the text is white, the background color is not specified. Check "Outline" switched on or off the contour map of the text. For example, if we checked the "Outline" and have chosen for this parameter is red, then the entire text would be encircled with a red outline. Adjust font settings, which will be display a message saying you can use the button "Choose...", opposite inscription "Font". Parameter "Opacity" sets the opacity of the overlay text. At 100% the text is completely opaque, with 10% barely noticeable in the image. After configuring the settings and click "OK", we turn to the choice of the place where inscription will be placed.

Using the mouse, move the label to the desired location on the image and press the left mouse button. The inscription is prepared.

Now apply a watermark as image. To do this, select the "Image" - "Add Watermark...".

In the dialog box, set up the blending options. In the "Image file" to select an image to be used as a watermark (in this case, the translucent image format PNG). Parameter "Opacity" control the opacity caused by the image. At 100% image is completely opaque, with 10% barely noticeable on the original picture. Parameter "Don't use alpha of picture" allows either forbids the use of alpha channel images, selected as a watermark. Parameter "Position offset" controls the position of the applied watermark on the image. Group settings "Spacing" sets the indentation of vertically and horizontally. Finally, the "Auto View" if it is to choose, enabling it to process settings overlay watermark browse results obtained. Clicking on the "OK" apply a watermark to the original image.

As a result, overlay watermarks using XnView we've got the next picture.

Thus, the program XnView has all the features to create watermarks on images, and in this case is absolutely free for noncommercial use.