Creating a watermark using Adobe Photoshop

Program Adobe Photoshop is a powerful graphical editor, which is standard among programs for creating and editing images. Let's see how it can help to create a watermark on the image.

To make using the program Adobe Photoshop to apply the watermark to the image, you must first open it.

Then, using the "Horizontal Type Tool" select area, which will be display the watermark text, and type the text itself. Text display options are set to configure the properties of an instrument panel located under the main menu.

Configuring the display settings inscriptions, click the "Commit any current edits" (looks like a green check mark) on the properties of the instrument panel configuration. Inscription added. Now the control panel layers (by default located in the lower right corner of the program Adobe Photoshop) select the text layer and using the "Opacity" set up the desired transparency of the inscription.

Now apply a watermark to the image as a picture. To do this, open a picture file, select it (the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A) and, via the menu "Edit" - "Copy", copy to clipboard.

Now, the file containing the next watermark, you can close and move to edit the main image. Glue a new layer with the watermark by using the menu item "Edit" - "Paste".

Using the tool "Move Tool" move the watermark image to the desired position.

Now on the layers panel select the layer with the pasted image and using the "Opacity" set up the desired transparency of the watermark.

As a result, overlay watermarks using Adobe Photoshop we have got the following picture.

Thus, the program Adobe Photoshop has all the features to create watermarks on images, but, unfortunately, it is payware that is not very convenient for home use.