Creating a watermark using Microsoft Paint

Graphic editor Microsoft Paint is a simple editor, with which you can apply a watermark to the image. Advantage of this editor to others is that it is available on any computer that is running Microsoft Windows.

At first you need to open the program Microsoft Paint to apply a watermark to the image.

Then you choose a color that will bear the inscription.

After that, you must select a tool, "Text" and in the settings tool to select an icon depicting a green cube with no background. As a result, the inscription will be superimposed on the image without the background color.

Then select the image area, which will be input labels, enter inscription on the panel and the text attributes to configure the display options inscriptions.

After that, clutching his arm over the edge of the rectangle selected, move the label to the right place the image.

It should be borne in mind that finished editing labels, change it to be impossible. Therefore, if you for some reason did not like the look of the resulting watermark should be through the main menu item "Edit" - "Undo" button (or key combination Ctrl+Z) to cancel the addition of labels and try to put it on again.

After the inscription will be added to store you need to save a result in the file. It should be remembered that while maintaining the original file without the watermark will be overwritten. To avoid this you need to create a copy of the file before applying the labels to avoid this or use the main menu item "File" - "Save As...".

Likewise, you can add to the image and the watermark in the form of pictures. The color chosen as the background in a photo editor Microsoft Paint, will be transparent to add pictures. For example, open the file with the image of the girl, select the entire image and copy it to the clipboard.

Then reopen the file with previously deposited on it the inscription, and is chosen as the background bright red.

Next, select the menu item "Edit" - "Paste". The pasted fragment can be moved with the mouse anywhere in the image.

As a result of applying a watermark with the Microsoft Paint program we've got the next picture.

However, despite the ease of use and accessibility, a graphic editor, Microsoft Paint is a slight drawback - it can not impose a translucent watermark. At the same time to create a simple watermark on the images and inscriptions of the functional Microsoft Paint is enough.