Resizing an image using the service Watermark.Algid.Net

To resize the image using the free online service Watermark.Algid.Net must choose from the main site menu item "Services" and go to the item "Resize Image".

Then you need specify the desired width and height of the image. Moreover, if the checkbox "Maintain aspect ratio" is set, you can enter only one value, the width or height. In this case, the final image size will be calculated only on this parameter. If, however, will be given both options, the resulting image will be inscribed in a rectangle of specified dimensions. In this case, possibly as a reduction or increase in the original image.

The option "Maintain aspect ratio" indicates whether you resize keep aspect of the original image. If this checkbox is removed, you must explicitly specify the width and height of the final image.

The parameter "Quality of result" gives the degree of compression of thumbnail image. The smaller this parameter, the smaller the final image file, but the poorer the quality. Increasing this parameter improves the image quality, but at the same time increases the size of the final file. The default value (85%) considered the optimal combination of the quality of the resulting image file size and the resulting image.

And finally, the "Image File" allows you to select images that will be subjected to treatment.

For example, process the reduced image of the car, reducing to 50% of its width, and unchecking "Maintain aspect ratio".

The result of image processing is presented below.

The results of image processing with set checkbox "Maintain aspect ratio" is not so clear and distinct from the original image only resolution and file size.