Reducing the size of the image file using Microsoft Paint

Very often, the size of image files obtained from digital cameras to be several megabytes in size. At the same time, many services limit the size of uploaded images. In order to still take advantage of these services, you need to reduce the size of the image file. The easiest tool for this is a program Microsoft Paint.

All the following steps will lead to a change in the original image, so if you need to preserve the original image, I recommend to manipulate the copy image.

First, go to the folder containing the image. As we can see, for example, take a photograph, a 5.3 MB.

Click on the image file, right-click and select the menu item "Edit" (or, by default you have set a different editor, select "Open with" - "Paint").

The image opens in the editor, Microsoft Paint. Now you just need to save the image by selecting "Save".

Due to the better compression on a computer, compared with a camera, the image file may lose much in size without compromising image quality. Save the image and check the result.

If the file size is the size you want, in this action to reduce the file size can be completed.

In our case, the image file size has decreased, but not as much as we would like, and is 3.2 MB. This is because by simply saving in a graphics editor Paint degree reduce image file size depends on the saturation of images he details and dimensions of the image. That is, if the photos on the many small details, and it is large vertically and horizontally, to achieve a high compression ratio does not work, and therefore requires a reduction in the size of the image.

Reducing the size of the image can be produced in the same program Microsoft Paint. For this we again open the image for editing, select the tape tool "Resize" and in the resulting dialog box, enter the percentage change in the size of the image.

Check the "Maintain aspect ratio" is best left on so the image size decreased in proportion both vertically and horizontally. Let's try to reduce the image twice, indicating 50% in both input fields.

We confirm the changes, save the image again and check the result. Image size is 999 KB, that is a little smaller than the size that we need. If, however, he will still be more than you need to be repeated reduction of the image size by specifying a smaller percentage (if the re-reduction will be made on a copy of the original file), or percentages, a little less than 100 (if the re-reduction will be made on an already small image).