Creating transparent images in PNG format using the service Watermark.Algid.Net

In order to create a transparent image in PNG format using the free online service Watermark.Algid.Net, you must first prepare the image. As an image it is desirable to use the images in PNG or GIF, as format JPEG can make a small distortions in the image on the boundary of the transition of colors that will prevent to make high-quality template for the future watermark.

Then you should paint over the area that should be invisible, for any color, preferably absent from the rest of the image. This is necessary in order to clearly separate the visible and invisible part of the image. If you do not, it might happen that would be invisible and that part of the image, for which it is not desirable. Below is an example prepared for image processing. Red color is an area on the image to be made transparent.

Then choose from the main menu of the site Watermark.Algid.Net item "Services" and go to the item "Creating transparent images in PNG format". On the next page, select the previously prepared file and click "Next".

The image will be uploaded to the server and on the next page we will have an opportunity with the mouse to choose the color that you want to make transparent.

Click mouse in the right place at the picture, we find ourselves on the results page to image processing. Now you need to click right mouse button on the processed image, select "Save Image As..." and save the image on the computer.

Thus obtained transparent image can be used as a watermark in the service of "Creating a watermark-image".